Penn Avenue Streetscape

Penn Avenue Streetscape


The Penn Avenue Corridor Urban Catalogue and Streetscape Program was a precursor to the 2010-2012 Phase I reconstruction of Penn Avenue. The catalogue developed a palette of components to be used throughout the corridor, with conditions-based applications to elevate the design of its basic infrastructure while also allowing for a layer of unique, place-making elements, street furniture, and public art.

Within the basic infrastructure are new cartways, sidewalks, intersections, and storm water collection strategies. The storm water collection planters are a unique feature within the city, as they slow and filter storm water rather than overload the city’s capacity. Custom tree grates allude to what’s below grade. Landscape is designed to suit the storm water collectors as well as create unique moments along the Avenue. Transit-Scape elements create more useful user information and consistency between bus shelters and bus stops. Pole Elements create an entire kit-of-parts from street lights to traffic signals to trash receptacles to signs and parking meters that reduce visual clutter throughout the corridor.

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Loysen + Kreuthmeier Architects (architect)
Klavon Design Associates (landscape architect)
Little Kelpie (graphic design)