Strip District Portals

Strip District Portals


The program for this study was to identify both short-term and long-term strategies to reinforce the unique identity of this urban neighborhood, with a focus on enhancing its perimeter connections to the city. At the 16th Street Bridge, proposed graphics incorporate a series of icons to communicate, at a glance, the range of products and services to be found in this regional destination. Additional elements within the district combine environmental graphics with everyday objects to convey a sense of grit, variety, and cool.

A proposed public open space would extend Allegheny Riverfront Park to the Strip District’s western edge. Native flood plain trees and dense groundcover would continue the park’s vocabulary, and screen adjacent surface parking. Stone monoliths, patterned after nearby railroad bridge abutments, would provide seating. From 11th Street eastward, the river path is intended to become a future “art walk”.

The convention center portal is a nexus of several dimensions: urban street grid to riverfront, downtown to the Strip, and an address for the convention center. Tall, waving grasses are proposed along 11th Street to join with the adjacent riverfront park. At the river, sidewalks connect to river walks. In the midst of the grasses are solar powered “cattails” which glow at night and wave in the wind with the grasses. Other proposed lighting throughout the district emphasizes the Strip as a safe and attractive nighttime destination.

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Loysen + Kreuthmeier Architects (architect)
Paul Schifino (graphic design)
Hilbish McGee Lighting Design (lighting design)