Mount Lebanon Veterans Memorial

Mount Lebanon Veterans Memorial


It has been said that patriotism is a religion of the soil. The land holds deep layers of meaning and powerful emotions. The site of the memorial is inscribed to an earlier time, to the beginning of the nation. Earth and stone, iconic to this place, form an enclosure, a community. Among the many that build this are those which deserve special recognition, luminous examples of the highest qualities. They broadcast outward to places far away. Some never return. At night they radiate light, vibrant with the spirit of those they represent, past, present, and future.

The obelisk is a time line, beginning with the American Revolution and continuing up to the present day. Each interval in height represents one year. War is recorded by stainless steel bands – correspondingly engraved with the names of the fallen, and always above eye level. One looks up to them. White marble, the same used to represent veterans throughout the memorial, here represents what they fight for. Peace. An inscribed quote is on three sides of the obelisk: "Only the dead have seen the end of war" - Plato

A deep recess in the stone contains a summary of the project's mission statement: "In honor of those who served in defense of liberty during war and peace since the American Revolution."

A triptych of laminated glass panels flanks the north entrance to the memorial and recognizes both supporters and honorees. The project title spans the opaque band at the bottom, and conceals the mounting surfaces of the stainless steel frames. The entrance is a continuation of existing curving pathways throughout the park, and continues across the street as a new crosswalk - bringing a level of accessibility to the park that was previously absent.

Like much of Mt. Lebanon itself, the memorial is built of Pennsylvania Sandstone. Symbolizing the veterans, Vermont Danby Marble, the same used in Federal and memorial structures throughout Washington DC, was selected for its beauty and superior durability. The Olympian White variety was preferred for its glowing and resplendent qualities, both in daylight and when illuminated.

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Loysen + Kreuthmeier Architects (architect)
The Gateway Engineers (civil engineer)
Watson Engineering (structural engineer)
Iams Consulting, LLC (electrical engineer) 
studio i architectural lighting (lighting design)
Little Kelpie (graphic design)
Trans Associates (traffic engineer)



Vento Landscaping and Construction


Massery Photography, Andy Marchese, Loysen + Kreuthmeier Architects