Tepper Lobby and Courtyard, Carnegie Mellon University

Tepper Lobby and Courtyard, Carnegie Mellon University


Central to the Tepper School of Business’ desire to enrich the student experience was creating or improving areas where informal group study and social interactions can take place.

The original 1950’s lobby, where new aluminum leafing brings presence and legibility to an original carved stone mural, is one such space. Another is the Dean’s former office suite, which has been transformed to a meeting and study space for students, and opened to the newly remodeled courtyard. These remodeled first floor spaces now create an ever-changing suite of scenes for every manner of activity – day-long study halls, lounges, pre-function spaces for lectures and events, catered receptions, activities and parties – not only for students, but for Tepper’s many corporate education programs.

New furnishings were selected to be compatible with original mid-20th century architecture, yet expressive of Tepper’s 21st century identity and reputation. Many of the furnishings are able to be used both indoor and outdoor, to maximize flexibility and, while also selected to withstand intense daily use by students, the furniture pieces subtly reflect Tepper’s colors and branding.

In its prior form, the courtyard was a multi-level amalgam of astro-turf and stairways, with weak physical and visual connections to the school. This heart of the building underwent a transformation in the summer of 2006 to become a vibrant center of the student experience. A new ípe and steel deck was added, raised to match the interior floor level, so that connections to the interior could be accessible and greater in number. A new study space anchors one end, and new openings to the undergraduate lounge anchor the other. This new courtyard has become the locus for weekly gatherings of faculty and students.

The Tepper Lobby and Courtyard is LEED Silver Certified.

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Loysen + Kreuthmeier Architects (architect)
Dodson Engineering, Inc. (mechanical engineer)
Caplan Engineering Company (electrical engineer)


Turner Construction
MBM Contracting, Inc.


Massery Photography